2019 Platinum Golf Members

One of the great benefits of the Platinum Golf Membership ™ is the $100 gift card you receive when you renew or purchase a new membership!  Many of you have already renewed or recently purchased your Platinum Golf Membership ™s for 2019.  These 2019 gift cards do not expire until December 26, 2019 and can be used for golf, select merchandise, and/or food and beverage purchases at participating golf courses.

(Not sure what card you have?  Just look for the 2019 date in the bottom right hand corner and you know you have over a year to use this gift card.)

Still have a 2018 Platinum Golf Membership ™ Gift Card?

Most Platinum Golf Members that signed up for our 2018 golf membership program have long since used 100% of the gift card issued with their 2018 membership.  Not sure how much you have left on your old 2018 gift card?  Click here to check available balances.

Don’t forget… use your 2018 membership gift cards before they expire on December 26, 2018.
Balances from 2018 Gift Cards do not carry over beyond 12/26/18.

2018 Platinum Gift Cards Expiring