Amateur Long Drive World Championship

Amazing new event for amateur LONG DRIVE enthusiast sponsored by John Daly’s “Grip it & Sip It”.  If you missed the live event you can view the action by clicking the images below.  Share this with a friend that you think should enter the future long drive competitions….  or   Visit: for more information.   #AmateurLongDrive

World Amateur Golf Tournament

With over 50 different local Myrtle Beach area golf courses hosting this event chances are you already know how large this event is. This annual amateur golf event draws players from around the world to compete using handicaps here in Myrtle Beach.  LEARN MORE

Platinum Golf Tournaments

We are constantly updating and adding to our list of “TWO PLAYER” tournament events that are held year round.  If you haven’t played in one of these events your missing out.  Ask the staff at your favorite golf course when they are hosting an event or click the link to view the most recently added events.  VIEW EVENTS LIST