East Coast Golf Management

East-Coast-golf-ManagementEast Coast Golf Management-Focused on Efficiency

East Coast Golf Management (ECGM) is focused and dedicated to the mission of helping their clients become more effective and efficient in all areas of golf operations.  They provide facilities management, merchandising, procurement, event planning, and marketing services to a growing national group of courses. With roots in the Golf Capital of the World (Myrtle Beach, SC), ECGM developed their expertise in the toughest of golf tourism resort areas.

ECGM’s leadership ensures maximum performance in all areas of golf course management and operations. A successful golf facility efficiently manages the following seven areas:


Golf Operations

Maintenance Operations

Food and Beverage Operations

Sales and Marketing Operations

Finance / Accounting Operations

Guest Services

ECGM has earned a reputation for being one of the most efficiently operated golf management companies in the business. Those internal efficiencies are passed along to ECGM clients. Creating a balance between state-of-the-art marketing strategies and time-proven operational process give East Coast the edge. At a time when improving the bottom line is more crucial than ever, ECGM is focussed and dedicated on golf course performance. With course (over) saturation in many areas, operators are faced with the challenge to provide a great golf experience while maintaining profitability. Being part of a multi-course group like ECGM offers both efficiency and synergy.

East Coast Golf Management- Creates Synergy

The Platinum Golf Membership ™ program is just one example of ECGM’s dedication to driving rounds to participating golf courses. This organized and interactive approach to course membership proves their commitment to make the game of golf fun and affordable for members while bringing new golfers onto the courses of ECGM clients. Members are part of active program that not only offers great financial benefits, it creates tournament play opportunities are a variety of courses.

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