Lockwood Folly –  10:00am Teaser Special

Lockwood Folly has had a great year, is in great condition and wants to say thank you to all the Platinum Golf Membership ™s for their business.  Be sure to take advantage of this limited time special and book online before all the tee times are gone.

What is so special?

Lockwood Folly currently has great rates of only $34am  and $29pm now through December 31, 2018 for Platinum Golf Members.  But it gets even better…..

The “TEN O’Clock Teaser” starts on  December 1, 2018 and ends on December 8, 2018.  Three Tee times per day are discounted ten dollars off the normal $34am rate.  That’s right… you pay only $24.00.  The $24.00 rate is limited to the 10:00am, 10:10am, and 10:20am tee times each day and you can book 10 days in advance.

Happy tee time shopping and congratulation to the Platinum Members that can take advantage of this great special.

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