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We love seeing our members using the new “Awards Points” program to redeem FREE rounds.  The Platinum Golf Membership ™ is invested in providing the best multi-course golf membership to our members.  We appreciate your support, comments and feedback as we continue to add golf courses and improve our membership.  Additionally, we would like to say thank you to all the members that have already renewed or purchased a new Platinum Golf Membership ™ for 2019.  Your early renewals save you money and allow us to create and mail your membership cards quickly.  (Our average is currently under 5 business days from time of purchase)

$129 (Renewal Price)

As always, we offer the best pricing all year for early renewals and new memberships sold before December 14, 2018.   If your a current member please keep in mind you need to renew by January 31, 2019 to ensure you retain your round credits (aka Points) for the 2019 season.  (Prices go up from $129 for renewal to $139 after December 14, 2019.)

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$229 (New Member Price)

Golfers that enjoy playing along the east coast and specifically in the Myrtle Beach area can benefit from our Loyalty Golf Membership.  The more you play the more you save.  With over 20 Golf courses our program is considered a must have by avid golfers in North and South Carolina and frequent visitors to the area.  Click the link below to learn more…

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