2022 Platinum Golf Memberships™

Celebrating 10 years of Loyalty Golf Rewards

The Platinum Golf Membership™ is proud to enter into our 10th year of business, serving golfers and golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area.  Our Loyalty Rewards Program, based on “Play 4 rounds get the 5th round FREE“, continues to be well-received by our members and participating courses alike.

If you are a frequent (or occasional) golfer that loves to play golf in the Myrtle Beach area, the Platinum Golf Membership is likely a great option for you. Learn more by visiting our “ABOUT PAGE” 


When to Buy?

Early sales, like our current “September Special” (9.1.21 – 9.30.21), always provide members with the best rates and longest membership periods.

Renewals:  If you are a current Platinum Golf Member please remember to log in and renew your membership to get the best pricing and ensure your round history transfers over to your 2022 membership.  (Click here to visit “MEMBER AREA LOGIN“)  (September Special only $29.00)

New Local Members:  (September Special only $39.00)  If you are a local golfer in the Myrtle Beach area the Platinum Golf Membership™ is a great option.  Purchasing a 2022 now gives members all of 2022 and includes membership for the rest of 2021.  The Platinum Golf Membership™ gives members discounted rates at over 20 area golf courses and provides golfer loyalty rewards to members for playing golf.  Loyalty to our golf courses earns members one FREE round for every four rounds played.  Please view our “ABOUT PAGE” to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member.  (Click here to view the “ABOUT PAGE“)  (*Restrictions apply)

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Customer Service

If you can’t find answers to your questions on our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) or other areas of our website just contact our Platinum Golf Membership Customer Service Team.


Phone:  843-633-1625