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About us2018 Platinum Golf Membership


$139.00 (tax included)

Summer Special Pricing Available May 16, 2018 – Aug 31, 2018*

*Membership is valid for all of 2018.  Buy Now and receive a FREE $100 Gift Card valid on select merchandise, golf and food and beverage items at over 20 golf courses with your purchase.

Additional Member Benefits

Play 4 rounds – Get the 5th FREE!
Discounted greens fees at all member facilities
Additional member discounts offered at several:
Restaurants, Accommodations and Nightlife Locations
Direct contact with the PLATINUM Staff
Access to the “Member Only” website
Renewal Discounts for existing members

About Platinum Golf Membership

Platinum Golf Membership is a golf loyalty program that has grown in size and popularity since 2012. The membership renews each calendar year and includes member benefits at a growing group of participating golf courses, restaurants, and lodging facilities. Member benefits include free rounds, deeply discounted rates, gift cards, and participation opportunities in regular events. The mission with the Platinum Golf Membership is to put fun and affordability into everyday golf, while giving participating golfers the opportunity to enjoy golf club membership benefits at multiple courses.

Platinum News and Alerts

Platinum members receive a regular Newsletter and Daily Alerts about Pro Platinum (Pro-Am) tournaments, scrambles, and other member opportunities at participating golf courses and restaurants. Beginning in Myrtle Beach, SC, the Platinum Golf membership has now expanded north to Wilmington, NC with new courses coming online annually. A growing base of participating courses increases play flexibility and member benefits. This membership rivals all competitors in variety and affordability and is getting better with each passing month.

Local Residency in North or South Carolina Not Required

Unlike other membership programs, The Platinum Golf Membership is available to everyone. Members do not have to be residents of North or South Carolina to qualify. Because of the program’s unique pricing and offsetting benefits, traveling golfers can justify owning a Platinum Golf Membership. Participating courses and restaurants can be found here. To learn more about the Platinum Golf Membership click HERE.


Platinum Golf Membership extends from January through December each year. Member benefits may change from year to year but normally include deeply discounted rounds at a growing number of courses, free rounds with frequent play, and gift cards*. Members who subscribe for updates receive regular email alerts about Platinum Members specials and events occurring at participating courses.

Member Courses

The group of participating courses in the Platinum Golf Membership program has grown each year and now includes courses in North and South Carolina with plans for further expansion on the horizon.

Near the end of each calendar year, current members will have an opportunity to renew early and receive a discount off the normal price.

Platinum Golf Memberships
“The best multi-course golf membership on the east coast”

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Participating Golf Courses

Participating Restaurants

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