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What does the Membership include?

All members get the play 4 rounds get the 5th round FREE, access to weekly course specials, guests can play with you for $5 more then what you pay, and member golf events throughout the year. All of our courses have “not to exceed” rates varying between $40 and $80. 

What is the membership RENEWAL deadline?

The 2020 Platinum Golf Membership ™ renewal deadline is December 16, 2019 for all current 2019 members to ensure you get the best renewal pricing.  Renewing online is the recommended method to renew since members can update their current membership information like address or email address changes prior to renewing.  Please call or email the Platinum Golf Membership ™ team if you need assistance or want to renew over the phone.

PHONE:  843-633-1625          EMAIL:

(NOTE:  Default username and password for member accounts are …. Username:  (email address on file)  Password:  (membership number)

How are my rounds tracked?

Every time you play at a participating course, present your membership card to earn “points” (aka. Round Credit) for your paid round. Each course tracks the member rounds and they will be listed in your detailed play listing shown on the MEMBER LOGIN page when you log in.  After you play 4 rounds at any one course, you will have a FREE round in your account as “Pending” at that course.  For more information on points and redemption please review our “COURSE POINTS INFO” page by clicking here.

How fast will I get my Platinum Membership Card(s)

After signing up online, you will receive your member card and gift card (if you choose that option) in the mail in about 5 business days.  (NOTE:  Your member number will be active right away. You can print your receipt and save a copy to show the course if you plan to play right away.  Golf Courses can also look you up by name to see you’re an active member before you receive your card.  Please present your membership card (or receipt) information at checking to ensure your rounds are tracked.)

Can I bring a “Guest” to play with me?

Platinum Golf Members can bring up to 3 guests to join them.  The guest simply pay $5.00 more than the member rate for the tee time.  (*Guests of members pay $3.00 more than the member rates on 9 hole rounds)

Why didn’t I get Points for Playing?

No points are given for FREE rounds played or for rounds booked under rates or programs.
No points are given for tee times made outside of the stated booking window.  (*Restricted to 48H over phone or 3 days online)NOTICE:  Golf courses are not required to give you credit for a round played if you play in a group that was booked in advance of the 48 hour booking restriction or if you paid a rate less then the going Platinum members rate for that course.
(Example: You get invited to play Rivers Edge with a group of 20 that has an opening for a tee time they booked 2 month ago. In this case it is up to the course pro if you should get a “Credit” for your round played based on the rate charged and how far in advance it was booked.) The golf pros should give you credit or explain why you wouldn’t get credit at the time of check in.

Online Bookings with the Platinum Golf Membership ™

Online Bookings are highly recommended to get the best rates and book the furthest in advance.  (*Normally a min. of 3 days when booking online.)  A Quick18/Play18 Username and Login will need to be created to book online.  This will be different than your username and password to log in to the Platinum Members site.  Once a unique username and login is created at a course it can be uses at other courses with the Quick18 / Play18 Booking engine that most courses use.

LONG STORY SHORT:  You’ll be forced to have two different logins.  One to view your “Play History” and “Redeem Awards” in the Platinum Golf Member Area.  Your second login will be created to book online.

(Why is this?  Simple, the password protection is higher for online bookings since your credit card is attached to the Online Booking account.  The username and login to the Platinum Golf Membership ™ area only allows you to view basic information and doesn’t store your credit card.  We know this is long winded but feel is may be helpful to our member to share this information.)

How do I login to my Platinum Member account?

You can access your Platinum Golf Membership ™ at Select MEMBER LOG IN. Your USERNAME is the email you provided us when you signed up and your PASSWORD is either your current member number OR the custom password you have setup previously. (*NOTE:  If you share an email with your spouse, only one of you can use that email as a username.) Simply email and we can access your account to make changes/add a personal email or even set you up a special custom email to use as your username. You can also call 843-633-1625 between the hours of 9am-2pm and we can provide assistance by looking up your account. For best experience, please note that Internet Explorer is not supported.

NOTE:  A separate Username and Login will need to be created to book online.  Once a unique username and login is created at a course it can be uses at other courses with the Quick18 / Play18 Booking engine that most courses use.

Why am I not getting emails with rates and specials?

This is a common request because we don’t SPAM our members.  Two-Step email verification is required.  First you must“SUBSCRIBE” to our site and then you must accept email subscription that comes to your selected email inbox.  Again, simply go to , type in the email you want to be notified at and then hit the subscribe button.  Once you subscribe, you must accept the subscription that will be sent to the email address you just typed in.

(NOTE:  You can also access “SPECIALS” anytime without logging on at: to view current specials.)  If you’re having problems just send an email to: for assistance.

What are the booking restrictions?

Member rounds may not be booked more than 48 hours in advance over the phone or in person.   Online bookings offer a 3 day booking window and are the recommended method to book your Platinum Golf Tee Times.  Click here to view the “BOOK ONLINE” page for online tee times.

Do the rates include Cart Fees?

All courses include any “Golf Cart Fees” in the rates that are quoted.  We do not foresee a change in this policy as it has remained this way for years and seems to be appreciated by our members.

What if I lost my membership or gift card?

Email us at with your first and last name and member number (if you remember the number) and we can issue you a new card. You can also just present your number when you golf and verify your identity with a drivers license so you don’t miss credit for any rounds. Free free to call customer service at 843-633-1625 for additional help replacing a missing membership card.

How do I contact the Platinum Golf Member staff?

Our address is 911 Riverwood Dr. Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, our phone number is 843-633-1625
and our email is

How do I qualify for LOCAL pricing and discounts

Gift Cards (General Information)

If you have a gift card issued by the Platinum Golf Membership it will have an expiration date listed on the card.
Most members use their gift cards to pay for golf greens fees.  The gift card can be used to purchase select merchandise, golf and food and beverage at our participating golf courses.

Course(s) may limit or restrict gift card purchases on select merchandise, food & beverage, and tee times. 
The Platinum Golf Membership ™ and its partners are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards.
Gift Cards have no cash value and expire as shown below:
2019 Platinum Golf Membership ™ gift cards expire on 12/26/19
2020 Platinum Golf Membership ™ gift cards expire on 12/26/20
(NOTE: Only Golf Courses can redeem gift cards.)

For all questions concerning points and redemption:

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