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How does the new “POINT SYSTEM” work?

New for the 2019 Platinum Golf Membership program is the addition of a flexible points system.  Members can now earn “points” for paid rounds and redeem them at other participating courses.  We are excited to offer this new feature to our members and our participating golf courses.  Please read the detailed rules and restrictions below.
(Note:  Starting Sept. 1, 2018, all current round credits will be converted to the new points equivalent for all golf courses.)

Free Round Certificates generated prior to 9.1.18 under the “Play 4 and Get the 5th round FREE” are valid until January 31, 2019 when they officially expire.


Points Accumulation:

***Members must renew on or before January 31, 2019 for the 2019 Platinum Golf Membership to retain points.***
Points are only accumulated on “Paid Rounds” at participating courses.
Point values for paid rounds are shown on the Participating Courses page of this website.
Point values for Golf Courses may change at any time.
Maximum points a member can accrue is 10,000 points total.
Excluded Points:  Points accumulated under courses that have been removed from the list of participating courses will show as “Excluded Points”.  Excluded points do not expire since courses may rejoin the program in the future. 
Using Excluded Points:   Only members that have renewed for the 2019 Platinum Golf Membership program can redeem “Excluded Points” at select courses as a premium redemption.  (Select Course List:  Wachesaw East, Rivers Edge and Diamondback only)
(*Note:  See premium redemption rules below)

Points Redemption:

Customers now choose when to redeem points by logging in to the membership area.  (See FAQ page for login help)
(*Points are automatically selected based on course being played, then by age with the oldest points always being used first.)
FREE ROUND certificates must be presented at check in.  Members can print or email a copy of the FREE Round Certificate to themselves for redemption at the pro shop.
(NOTE:  Golf Course staff are now able to view when members redeem a FREE Round.  FREE Round Awards are stored digitally for the courses to view when a customer checks in.  No paper certificate or digital proof from the FREE round is required because both the member and the course can view the status of a FREE Round redemption.)
(*NOTE:  Once a certificate is created, the points cannot be restored or transferred to a different course. Expiration date is automatically set one month after the print date.)

Standard Redemption:  PLAY 4 and Get the 5th FREE all at the same course: (Recommended)

Play 4 rounds and get the 5th round free gives members a free round at the specific course where they played 4 rounds.
Playing 4 rounds at a specific course will yield enough points to redeem a FREE round at that same course.
(Example:  Course ABC gives members 100 points for every paid round.  100 x 4 rounds equals 400 points.  Thus, course ABC would require 400 points to redeem a FREE round.)

Premium Redemption:  FREE ROUND Redemption at any Participating Platinum Golf Course:  (Optional)

*NEW for 2019 Platinum Golf Membership Program
–  You must have “Current Points” (i.e. one paid round) to activate a course for a “Premium” redemption opportunity.  (*You cannot redeem points at a course(s) where you have zero “Current Points” available at that course from a prior paid round.)
–  If a course is chosen for a “Premium Redemption” all available points are taken from that course and are deducted from the total points due for redemption.
–  Additional points required for redemption are automatically selected based on age with the oldest points always being used first.
(Example:  The course ABC above would require 500 points to redeem a FREE round.  100 x 4 equals 400 points + 100 point surcharge equals 500 points for a “PREMIUM REDEMPTION”.)

Points information by Participating Course

Golf CoursePoints Earned
(for paid rounds)
"Standard Redemption"
"Premium Redemption"
*Azalea Sands
(Points cannot be used to play other courses)
400 (only "Standard Points" redemption are available at this course.)"Not Available - Currently Excluded from 2019 Program"
Beachwood Golf Club2008001000
Blackmoor Golf Club30012001500
Brick Landing Plantation2008001000
*Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort200 (pending confirmation in 2019 program)8001000 (pending confirmation into 2019 program)
Carolina National30012001500
Crow Creek Golf Club40016002000
Crown Park Golf Club2008001000
Diamondback Golf Club100400500
Eagle Nest Golf Club2008001000
Farmstead Golf Links40016002000
Hunters Creek (NEW)100400500
Indigo Creek Golf Club2008001000
International Club of MB30012001500
Lockwood Folly30012001500
Meadowlands Golf Club30012001500
The Pearl Golf Links30012001500
Rivers Edge Golf Club40016002000
*River Oaks Golf Club
(*Points cannot be used to play other courses)
1200 (only "Standard Points" redemption are available at this course.)"Not Available - Currently Excluded from 2019 Program"
Sandpiper Bay Golf Club30012001500
Thistle Golf Club50020002500
Timberlake CC (NEW)2008001000
Wachesaw East Golf Club30012001500
*Whispering Pines Golf Club300 (pending confirmation in 2019 program)12001500 (pending confirmation into 2019 program)
Note: List of participating courses and point values are subject to change.*Indicates that course is either not confirmed or not participating in 2019.This sheet was last adjusted on 08/30/18

Shows points issued at each course for paid rounds and redemption points required for both a standard and premium round redemption.

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