Guide to Redeeming Your “Free Rounds” at Diamondback Golf Club

Attention, loyal Platinum Golf Members! We’ve got some bittersweet news and a silver lining — read on to discover how changing loyalty programs might just lead to a better golfing experience for you at Diamondback Golf Club!

The Change You Didn’t Ask For

It is with both regret and optimism that we announce the adjustment to Crown Park’s “Loyalty Awards” program. Crown Park Golf Club has announced they will not redeem  “Free Rounds” earned in 2024.   While the Platinum Golf Membership™ is disappointed to have to share this news

 — we are thrilled to reveal the opportunity that awaits at Diamondback Golf Club.

The Open Invitation from Diamondback

We’re excited to inform you that Diamondback Golf Club is stepping up to ensure your loyalty doesn’t go unrewarded. They are gladly taking on the pending “Free Rounds” from Crown Park with redemptions starting as early as 2.7.24.

You don’t need to lift a finger, unless you want to login to members area to view these changes.  Your free rounds at Diamondback will be available starting from February 7th, 2024. It’s as simple as showing your current 2024 Platinum Golf Membership™ at Diamondback and redeeming the transferred credits. We couldn’t be more pleased to continue our alliance with our “Loyalty Loving” friends at Diamondback Golf Course.

Additional Perks to Look Forward To

Your transition to Diamondback comes with even more benefits. The club is known for its exceptional management under the stewardship of Patrick Wilkinson, a long-time Myrtle Beach golf professional. His commitment to Southern hospitality ensures that every visit feels like coming home to family.

Diamondback Golf Club’s great course management, dedication to quality customer service, and a stunning golfing environment await you — with the added assurance that your Platinum Golf Membership – Awards Rounds are now at home in their system.

Your FAQs, Addressed

We understand this may come with a lot of questions. Here are some FAQs to provide clarity and put your minds at ease during this transition:

Will my remaining rounds from the Crown Park program be stored or lost?

All your Crown Park round credits will be preserved at the Park for future or alternative use, should they choose to restart “Loyalty”  in the future. This update does not invalidate your earned rounds, it only moves “Free Rounds” generated at Crown Park to Diamondback Golf Club.

What is the deadline for redeeming my pending free rounds at Diamondback?

There is no need to rush. The deadline to redeem your transferred “Free Rounds” at Diamondback is the bulk of the 2024 calendar year, ending on Dec 15, 2024. That gives you ample time to plan and pencil in your next golf outing.

In Conclusion

Although change is never easy, we’re very thankful to Diamondback Golf Club for stepping in and stepping up. Your ongoing loyalty will be in good hands, and the upcoming golf season promises to be as exciting as ever. Please say a big “THANK YOU” to the Diamondback Golf Club staff when you see them.

Happy golfing!