Gift cards vary by type and program year

For 2021, Gift Cards are now Visa Gift Cards and are not restricted to purchases at golf courses only.

For 2020, Gift Cards are good on select merchandise, food & beverage and tee times.

NOTE:  Platinum Golf Membership ™ is not responsible for any gift cards lost or stolen.  Gift cards have no cash value.  Expired cards from any program have no value and can not be transferred or reactivated.

Read more about Gift Cards on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page by clicking on the Gift Card (General Information) link

Visa Gift Card

Use this to check the balance on your Visa Gift Card issued for 2021 Membership program

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions vary buy card type and by program year. Review Terms and Condition by clicking the link above.

2020 Gift Cards

Check the balance on your gift card issued for the 2020 membership program.

If you’re having a problems with your Myrtle Beach Gift Card, CLICK HERE to contact us!