What are golfers saying?

Our best advertisers have always been the Platinum Golf Members themselves.  (Thank you members!!!!)

The Platinum Golf Membership is now approaching its 10th year in business.  We are proud to have such a large group of loyal members.

If you enjoy playing golf, discounted greens fees and great customer service then the Platinum Golf Membership is for you.  Just ask a current Platinum Golf Member.

They will tell you why the Platinum Golf Membership ™ is “The best multi-course membership on the east coast”.

Loyalty Rewards

The Platinum Golf Membership™ provides members with a unique round-history tracking and loyalty rewards program.  Play four rounds at one of our 20+ participating courses and you instantly generate a FREE ROUND to redeem for your fifth round at that course.

The program is very simple to use and offers convenient online booking links to most of our courses.  Grab your favorite playing partner and give us a try for 2021.

(NOTE:  Buy your 2021 now and get the rest of 2020 FREE.  2021 Memberships are valid on the day of purchase and expire on December 31, 2021)

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