Platinum Golf Membership™ – FREE ROUNDS

BOOM!!!!  We just broke though, issuing over 10,000 FREE ROUNDS through our loyalty golf membership over the past decade.  Our participating golf courses have hosted nearly 75,000 paid rounds of golf during this time.  We would like to take this moment to just say “THANK YOU” to all of our members and golf courses for your support over the years.  Your loyalty means a lot to us and we take pride in providing this service.  (Learn more by clicking the “about us” image below)

Win – Win Situation (Myrtle Beach Golf)

The Platinum Golf Membership™ program of “Play 4 and get the 5th Round FREE” is a true win-win situation for our courses and our golf members.  The golf courses benefit every time you choose to play their golf course.  This allows the golf courses to earn your loyalty and showcase their amenities and customer service.  On the flip side, Platinum Golf Members enjoy discounted rates and having their round history recorded at each golf course.  Members, obviously, take even greater pleasure playing golf on the days that they get to redeem their FREE Round.    (Check out our current Rates & Specials below)

special golf rates in myrtle beach platinum golf membership


Courses and Customer Service

Golf memberships ultimately comes down to the participating golf courses.  Making sure your favorite courses are available is the starting point for considering a membership.  The Platinum Golf Membership™ has over 20 participating golf courses with a wide mix of golf course styles and locations in both the Myrtle Beach area and along the coasts of NC and SC.

The Platinum Golf Membership™ takes great pride in our customer service.  Our website provides links to many frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.), along with our contact us page, offering both phone and email options.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


2023 Platinum Golf Memberships™ (Now available)