Thank you members

The Platinum Golf Membership™ would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to all of the members that have already taken advantage of our “EARLY RENEWAL DISCOUNTS” and renewed for 2024. Early renewals save you money.  They also allow us to create and send your memberships in a timely fashion.  This prevents our staff from being hit with a “TIDAL WAVE” of renewals at the end of the year.  (We really do appreciate all early renewals and love helping our customers.  Thank you all again.)

Still need to renew?

No problem!  Our 2nd Wave of early renewals for the 2024 Platinum Golf Membership™ continues until December 15, 2023.

Renewing members pay just $39.00 when renewing before 12-15-23.

Tips to Renew

Please review the tips below before you go to the “MEMBER LOGIN” area. If you have any questions, we are happy to help.  (Our contact info is at bottom of this email)

1.)  Device & Browser:  Be sure to use a device (PC / Phone) that has “Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome” as a browser and select one.
2.)  Member Login:  Once you are logged in to the member area, select the “RENEW MEMBERSHIP- 2024” button on the home screen.  Then select the “PURCHASE NOW” button.
3.)  Pickup Location:  Use the drop down to select “USPS” to have your membership mailed to your home address on file.  You may also select Blackmoor, River Oaks or Sandpiper Bay if you prefer to pick your membership up in the pro shop at one of these courses.
4.)  Terms and Conditions:  Be sure to click the little gray box under the pickup location text to agree to the terms and conditions.
5.)  Credit Card information:  With steps 3 and 4 completed, the credit card information box is now available.  (HINT: Still grayed out?  Check the prior steps.)
6.)  Not a Robot:  After filling out your credit card and contact information, select the “I’m not a robot” feature.
7.)  Submit:  Click the submit button.  Your purchase confirmation should pop up on the screen shortly.

(NOTE:  Default username is your email address and default password is your Platinum Golf Membership™ number on your member card)

2nd Wave of Renewals for 2024

Contact Us:


Phone:  843-633-1625