2021 Platinum Golf Memberships

2021 Memberships are now available for purchase and renewal.  As always, we offer our best prices September 1, through December 15, 2020.  This is a great time to buy your 2021 Platinum Golf Membership because your membership is valid from time of purchase until December 31, 2021. In other words, you get the rest of 2020 for FREE!  If your not familiar with all of the benefits of becoming a Platinum Golf Member please visit our ABOUT page or check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.

(*Renewing Members get additionally discounted pricing by logging in to the member area and renewing online.)

What is new for 2021?

New for 2021, we have upgraded our old gift card program from a golf course only gift card to a VISA™ Debit Card.  This change will make transactions easier and faster at the golf courses along with allowing customers to redeem at a wider variety of locations.

Due to the success of the “BASIC MEMBERSHIPS” sales in 2020 we will continue to offer them for 2021.  Basic (Non-Gift Card) memberships remain the lowest cost option to become a Platinum Golf Member.

“Basic Memberships” will now also be available at proshop counters for the first time .  (In the past you could only purchase regular memberships that included gift cards at our golf courses.)

Basic memberships are only $49.00 online during this limited time offer.   Click here to BUY NOW.

When should I Renew my membership?

All current members should renew before December 15, 2020 to ensure they get the best pricing offered.  The easiest way to renew is to sign into the MEMBER AREA and simply select the RENEW MEMBERSHIP – 2021 button shown below.

(NOTE: Your username is the email address you provided and your default password is your Platinum Golf Membership number.)

If you need any help you can always contact customer services at or call us at 843-633-1625.

What Course are Participating?

We are proud to say that our list of over 20+ Golf Courses remains very stable heading into 2021.  We are always looking for new courses to add to our program to benefit our members.  To see a full list of participating courses please click on the link below to see detailed status by course.

Participating Courses



The Platinum Golf Membership continues to grow as the best “LOYALTY GOLF MEMBERSHIP” rewarding customers for playing at over 20 participating golf courses. Our round tracking system not only lets members earn FREE rounds but it stores your play history over the years.  Local golfers get discounted pricing to join and renewing members get even better discounts. If you are a frequent player at any of our participating courses then becoming a Platinum Golf Members is a true “NO BRAINER”.  Please don’t take our word for it.  We encourage your to ask around.  Word of mouth is our best advertising.

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