Snowbirds Golfers

2022 will mark the return of the “American Snowbird Golfer” to the Myrtle Beach area as travel was very limited over the last year.  The new year will also mark the return of the even rarer “Canadian Snowbird Golfer“.  These birds have been know to frequently travel south and land in the Myrtle Beach area and along the Grand Strand for several months to escape their local cold northern climates.  If you see someone playing in shorts when its only 38 degrees out….they are likely a very happy Snowbird golfer!

Snowbird Golf Memberships

The Platinum Golf Membership™ continues to offer Snowbird Golf Memberships to golfers that have second homes, travel in RV’s or just frequently visit the area.  Our “Loyalty Golf” program provides benefits year over year just for playing golf at our group of golf courses.  At the core of the Platinum Golf Membership™ program is the “Play four rounds and get the fifth round FREE” combined with discounted green and cart fees.  (Visit our about page to to view more details on how it works)

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If you love golf, consider yourself a snowbird and have extended travel plans to the east coast of either North Carolina or South Carolina the Platinum Golf Membership™ is perfect for you.  Click the Learn More button below.

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