Sandpiper Bay Obtains Super Hero Status

Long-time partner of the Platinum Golf Membership™, Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club steals Superman’s cape to help platinum golf members in a pinch.  (At least that is how we like to describe it.)  : )
Sandpiper Bay has agreed to help absorb and transfer any FREE rounds that would be lost from the change in status at The Thistle Golf Club starting 1.1.2023.

How to Qualify

Simply buy or renew a 2023 Platinum Golf Membership™ before the end of the year.

What is Happening…

Starting on January 1, 2023 any FREE rounds pending at The Thistle will be moved to Sandpiper Bay for redemption.  This process will happen automatically and no action is required by 2023 Platinum Golf Members.  The Thistle will continue to redeem any FREE rounds generated during the Month of December 2022.  If you have the ability to play in December please use your FREE round at the Thistle.   If you can’t play / use your FREE round this month, don’t worry.  It will be transferred to Sandpiper Bay as long as you have purchased a 2023 Platinum Golf Membership™ before January 1, 2023.

(NOTE: Round credits generated at The Thistle Golf Club will not be deleted, but will be held under The Thistles account in case they rejoin our program in the future.)

Sandpiper Bay (Other News)

Head Pro –  Richard Kascsak is back as Head Golf Professional after a 5-year absence, during which he started two companies of his own.  Now that they are working smoothly,  he is back into the golf business that he loves.

Golf Carts –  Sandpiper Bay received new golf carts this past summer with an automatic parking brake and a USB port for your phone and music needs.

Course Conditions – The outstanding maintenance staff has the course in great shape with overseeded fairways and greens for winter and spring play.  The turf already has the green stripe patterns all over the place.
(*This is also an important part of the agronomic process of absorbing water from winter and spring rains.)

Customer Service –  Sandpiper customers rank # 1 with the Sandpiper Bay Staff… where southern hospitality is abundant!


We hope our members take the time to say “THANK YOU” to the staff at Sandpiper Bay when they play in 2023.

Thank you for choosing the Platinum Golf Membership™

Just for fun….

Pictures of Sandpiper Bay becoming a super hero!!!!   LOL

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Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club - Super Hero for Platinum Golf Members Sandpiper - Bird Steals Superman's Cape