Snowbirds ✈️ Score Huge with Platinum Golf Membership:

OK, OK, OK… So the marketing team doesn’t understand that “Score Huge” in golf, can mean you had a really bad round. (We just thought the little airplane in the title was cool, so we went with it.)  LOL

Snowbird Golf Membership – Benefits:

Are you ready to break the monotony and get golfing on some of Myrtle Beach’s best courses? As a snowbird golfer, a Platinum Golf Membership™ can help make your dreams come true! Along with giving you access to more than 20 championship-caliber golf courses along the Grand Strand, this membership also offers unbeatable discounts and our “Play 4 and Get the 5th round FREE” program. So hit the greens – here’s everything you need to know about becoming a Platinum Golf Member today!

1.) The Platinum Golf Membership™ – Snowbird Membership if valid from the time of purchase for the entire year. (ie. Expires 12.31.23)
2.) Renewal Discounts: Operating with the goal of long-term loyalty to our golf courses, Snowbirds qualify for the discounted “Renewal” membership rates after the first year. (ie. Renewal Pricing was as low as $29.00 for early renewals for the 2023 calendar year.)
3.) Guests: Members can bring up to three guests. Guests pay between $5.00 and 10.00 more than the member pays depending on the course selected.
4.) Rates: Rates offered to Platinum Members are dynamically priced by most courses but normally is approx. 40% Savings compared to the public rates.
5.) Booking window: The guaranteed booking window is 48hour in person and 3 days online. Many courses offer advance booking windows (ie. 5 to 7 days in advance) but this also varies by course.
6.) Points: Every paid round equal “1” point / round credit for that specific course. When you get 4 credits the system automatically generates a FREE round to be redeemed at that course.


Snowbird Golfer - Platinum Golf Membership