🚨 Time is running out! Renew your Platinum Golf Membership™

Platinum Golf Members,
We have continued to retain all past play history for the last several years even for our un-renewed members.  If you are getting this email it is likely that we show you haven’t renewed your membership recently.
(We know Covid 19 was a major travel disruption for many of our members.  If you plan to keep your membership and history please read below)

Help Renewing

Members that are ready to renew for 2024 should log into the member area .  (Default username=  Email address and Password=Membership number.)  Link Here to Member Area

NOTICE: Renewing before 9.30.23 will get prior members our best renewal rate of only $29.00 even if they haven’t renewed in the past couple years.

Clean up time…

We are cleaning up our database for our Participating Golf courses on Jan 15, 2024:

Membership Rewards:  All “REWARDS”  (aka “FREE ROUNDS” generated) will be automatically expired from any member accounts that have not renewed for the 2024 Platinum Golf Membership™ program prior to the January 15, 2024 deadline.

Round History:  Non-Renewed member history will be retained will be maintained for a limited time after the expiration date.

Renewal Discounts:  Expired members will not be able to renew at the “Discounted Rates” after the expiration date.


This cleanup will help our Participating Golf courses find information faster for our current members when checking in the pro shop and redeeming FREE rounds.  Thank you for your understanding and being a member of our program.


If you need help finding information on how to renew your expired Platinum Golf Membership™ please email us at:

or visit our contact us page:  Contact Us | Platinum Golf Membership ™