BooZi Announces Platinum Golf Member Discount

Many members that have played in our Platinum Golf Member Tournaments have already seen the BooZi, as part of of the Pot Luck Score Card Draw prize.  We are excited to partner with a company that helps our golfers feel better after the 19th hole hangout!

Enter Promo Code PLATINUM at check out for 20% off

 What is a BooZi?  It’s the elixir fixer!  Used in a liquor bottle or bottle of wine, this self-contained, reusable, medical grade BooZi filter stays in the bottle removing the by-products of distillation or removing the sulfites from your wine that leave you feeling BLAH with hangover symptoms after imbibing.

Does the BooZi work?  YES!  Tested by Coastal Carolina University in a double-blind study, the chemical reduction was significant and the taste was great, all the while leaving the alcohol content alone.  For under $10 you can buy a BooZi filter and try it for yourself!  You can purchase them in Conway at the BooZi shop located at 223 Main Street, Conway, SC 29526 where tastings occur nearly every Thursday night, you can buy them direct on the website, or on Amazon!

And the tastings on Thursdays are FREE!

Platinum Members, if you show your Platinum Card to Sheila at a tasting, you will be entered to win a BooZi prize!  Also, the “Swingin’ Single” is available at a reduced rate when you come to a tasting!  Platinum Members also get 20% off any BooZi purchase made at website with the Promo Code PLATINUM.  Don’t overlook the  “Party Pack” which has enough BooZi filters for you to treat your entire home bar and drink hangover free at home!

Party Pack 1 2017.jpg

Don’t forget to register for our next Platinum Golf Member Tournament HERE!