Use Your Excluded Points

We have just upgraded the system to allow members enrolled in the 2019 Platinum Golf Membership ™ to start redeeming excluded points as select courses.

What are “Excluded Points”?

Excluded Points are points accumulated under courses that have been removed from the list of participating courses and will show as “Excluded Points”.  Excluded points do not expire since courses may rejoin the program in the future.
(Example:  River Oaks is a current 2018 course but shows as “Excluded” since it is not participating in 2019.)

How do I use them?

Simple, just buy or renew your membership for the 2019 Platinum Golf Membership ™ program.  Members enrolled for 2019 can redeem “Excluded Points” at select courses as a premium redemption.
(Select Course List:  Wachesaw East, Rivers Edge and Diamondback only)

Read full details on our updated “Course Points Info” page of our website.